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The Ragnarok Online Adoption center!


Ragnarok Online Adoption
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Welcome to Ragnarok Online Adoption! This is where babies and parents may post if they are looking for parents or a player to adopt. Intros are always welcome, and feel free to post stories of your family in this community!


1. No flaming.

2. If someone didn't respond to adopt you once, don't do another post the next day. Wait at least a month til doing it again, and provide a link to your old post.

3. Please provide information such as what sever you are on and what class of Ragnarok Online you are. Any other information is welcomed.

4. No Private server posts please. We'd like to keep this for the Internation Ragnarok Online users only. If I see it, it will be deleted immedietly. Keep doing it, and you will be banned.