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iRO Chaos, looking to adopt a little girl~

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Dec. 3rd, 2005 | 10:39 pm
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posted by: suiseiseki in ro_adoption

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In about a week or less, my husband, _Thao_(Level 92), and myself(On the verge of 70!) on iRO Chaos plan on adopting a little girl. ^_^ Of course, class does not matter nor are we prejudice against anything. 99% the time we are just striving to have fun. =] We constantly joke around and have an immense sense of humor, we're also incredibly giving I think. ^_^ Your mommy and daddy are utterly devoted to you and will help you with anything, from levelling to spoiling you rotten with goodies.

To be adopted, we require that you be:

1) Active on your child character - We did not adopt you just to have you sit in the dust. =p

2) Dedicated (In other words, DO NOT delete your child!) - Please, please DO NOT DELETE. We've been looking forward to adopting for so long, you have no idea. n_n!! Please don't ruin it.

3) Not dependent constantly - Make sure you don't use us for items/levels constantly. ~_^ Of course, we'll love to surprise you with little treats here such as headgears to make you feel like a princess and there as well as share exp with you, but we don't plan on providing every pound of gear you desire to perfect your character. It'd be lovely if you had some gear to boot as well. ^_^ A little bit of independence would be lovely~

4) Friendly/Family-oriented - We want a girl who is very social like we are and would be willing to get to know us, as a whole family. ^_^ We want someone who wants to be with us and spend time as a family whenever she can. You will also have other family members such as an aunt and uncle who plan on adopting very soon along with a crazy, silly blacksmith who considers himself the 'babysitter' to all our children.

5) Fun - We want a high-spirited child, someone who is not cold or cannot take a joke. We tend to joke around a lot, especially with our crowd of friends and try to have as much fun as possible, and we want a little girl who can too!

So, if you are interested, just reply here with your character's name and information(Current levels, future profession, guild(If in one currently.), and anything else you would like to add or feel is necessary.).

Thank you so much and I will get back to you quickly. We are just trying to find the perfect daughter because she will mean a lot to us (Especially to the Mister) so it may take me a few days to give an answer. If you have any further questions, don't be scared to leave a comment either here or on my very own Livejournal. Or, feel free to PM me in-game at Kireihana.

Thank you again! ^_^ And we look forward to loving, getting to know, and pampering future daughter.

--Kireihana and _Thao_

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From: xxdiscarnatexx
Date: Dec. 4th, 2005 05:27 am (UTC)

Hello. I've been looking for a couple to adopt my thief, Miyobi. Yes she is still a thief but I basicly just started working on her. She should be a assassin soon. She is one of my most active characters, so no need to worry about inactivity. I definately don't plan on deleting her. I also won't be dependent but I do enjoy partying and such. She is very well equipt, so will not need to depend on her parents for weapons, armor, etc. I'm very friendly, sometimes too much.. I love gettign to know others. I've been told I'm fun to be around, I joke often. She is currently, 41/30, as I said above she's a going to be assassin, and she is not in a guild at this time. I do't have any pictures of her, sorry. If you would prefer to contact me in game pm Miyobi, thanks.

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From: arith
Date: Dec. 4th, 2005 06:17 am (UTC)

My aco, Sha'uri, is currently level 32, going FS priest. I'm working on getting my gear back together after my bro ganked all my crap. XD I love to party and play and goof off, and she is not currently guilded, affiliated or biased. I'm not dependent on others for levels or gear, but I love big, sloppy parties where everyone has fun and no one power levels. I WoE on Loki but don't spend a lot of time over there otherwise. I am friendly and gregarious, and few days go by that I don't have to edit my friend's list to make more room. The important part to me would be the interaction with my parents, rather than having a midget character.

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